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  Here are some of the links I have collected that may be of interest

http://www.fot-racing.com/historic/caption/Shell4000.htm - information on the TR4 Team

http://www.autohobbydigest.com/harvey.html - Scott Harvey

http://www.volvoadventures.com/120works.html - Volvo Amazon

http://www3.sympatico.ca/big-d/STUFF.htm - Rambler

http://f1rejects.crosswinds.net/drivers/wietzes/ - Eppe Wietzes

http://austin1800.homestead.com/1800RallyRegister.html - Landcrab

http://www.westcoastfalcons.com/scff/histriv/rally5.htm - Falcon

http://home.t-online.de/home/carco/5vcengl.htm - one of the Works TR4's from 1964

http://www.imps4ever.info/racing/rallies/compete.html - Works Imps

http://www.baileycar.com/who_is_he_html.htm - Phil Bailey

http://www.rallybc.com/ - Pacific Rally Motorsport home page 

http://www.onthedash.com/ - rally instrumentation

http://www.smccrally.com/ - Sports Motor Car Club

http://www.cmhf.ca/ - Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fame

http://cscc.speedracer.ca/phpBB2/index.php - Calgary Sports Car Club discussion board

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