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I have to thank the following people for their contribution to this project. Many people have loaned me photographs or printed material, provided me with background material or scanned photos. Without them I could not have accomplished what I have so far. Amazingly, all but a couple were contacted by the Internet, a tool that has made this project possible. In no particular order, I have to thank:

Ed Deak (OK, I said no particular order, but Ed has contributed sooooo much, so he's first!)
Phil Bailey
Francine Mazuch (Joe Mazuch's daughter) who loaned 8 mm movies and photographs
Randy Sullivan of Shell Canada in Calgary who loaned the '62 and '63 movies
Werner Wenzel
Scott Harvey Sr. for providing a better copy of the '68 Chrysler Canada movie
Colin McQuirk for the loan of his photo collection and documentation
Doug Wilson for information on the '61 rally that he organized
Jack Long
Hunter Floyd
Ian McArthur for his photograph collection and anecdotes
Dave Charters (son of John Charters)
Ernie Regehr AMC Team Manager
Paul Manson for letting me raid his scrap books
Ed Moody of The Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame Archive for the loan of part of the Jim Gunn collection 
Nancy Frey (Davidge) Jim Gunn's secretary for the loan of her material and stories
Pat Gunn for the loan of the remaining bits of Jim's collection
Robin Wright for donating his boxes of material to the archive
Peter Bone for the background information he acquired as Jim's right hand man
Fred Anderka
Don Elliott
Jim Kenzie, Motorsports writer in Toronto, for carrying the torch :-)
John Slade (John passed away in November 2003) for scanned photographs
Derek Harling
Doug Fraser
Bob Cowie
Barry Hamilton
Steve Carrick
Robert Watson
Ian Morgan
Leo Katila
Diana Carter
Paddy Hopkirk for the oral history I collected at International Mini Meet in 1999
Sylvia Gozzard
Minota Van Bergen (Ewald's wife) from South Africa
Dennis Wharton
Larry Louie, son of Norm Van Louis
Rich Carrol
Tony Rudis
Tom Johnston, motorsports historian in Vancouver

I hope I haven't forgotten anybody! I also hope this list gets longer: if you have any photographs from any of the rallies, please get hold of me so I can include them in the next update to this site.